Saturday, December 3, 2011

Field Trip, Thanksgiving

What is the world is wrong with my neck? Oh yeah, I know!  It is the whiplash I have from how fast time is passing by.  Crazy to think that Christmas is just few short weeks away. 

Things are going well for us.  We seemed to have found a groove and everything is running pretty smoothly. 
If only it would stay that way! 

It probably wont though because these people I live with keep wearing different clothes when I tell them to just wear the same thing they wore yesterday.  Hey it's already dirty right?  OK, OK!  I was just trying to cut down on the piles of laundry! 

After a couple of weeks of having a husband out of town for work, we decided to mix it up and go with him the week before Thanksgiving! Definitely one of the perks of homeschooling!  It was a great trip!  I was pleased with how well the kids did with getting school work done.

It was cold and rainy, so I had to rethink my field trip plans for the trip.  We ended up going to the American Printing House for The Bind.  They have a neat little museum and they will give you a tour of the facility.  IT WAS AWESOME!  Not only were able to see the machines they use to make braille books but we learned some of the history behind the education of the blind.  It was a great experience.  I think everyone should go and check it out!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  My parents came up from FL and we had a blast.  I really enjoyed have a break from school! (Did I say that out loud!)  I am looking forward to having a break for Christmas too! 

What?  Did I say Christmas? 
Yep!  I think I did! 

Find something to hang on to and hold on tight!  This is life baby!  And...

IT IS GREAT!       (make sure to keep some Thera-Gesic around for your neck though!)



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