Monday, November 14, 2011

Domestic Goddess

I am a Domestic Goddess
By: April Nicholson

I am a Domestic Goddess!
My home is never in a mess
In perfect order, everything
Into your day, sunshine I bring
A smile forever on my face
Frustration there's not a trace.

No crumbs on my kitchen table,
My pantry shelves all have labels.
The kitchen floor is spic and span,
There's no dust on the ceiling fan.

I clean the baseboards every week,
The bathroom mirrors have no streaks.
I vacuum the floors everyday,
Dust on the blinds is wiped away.

Storm Door hand prints can not be found
No outside toys left on the ground.
My puppy always goes outside,
There are no carpet stains to hide.

No laundry piled up on the floor,
Clothes are neat in dresser drawers.
Clean bedrooms you will always find,
Kids do their chores and always mind.

A menu plan I have in hand
While in the grocery line I stand.
I make nutritious tasty meals
All while wearing pearls and heels.

Children never jump on the couch
I always smile and never grouch!
Big bad coughs and runny noses?
By the bed I will put roses.

I am a Domestic Goddess!
My house is never in a mess
In perfect order, everything.
Into your day sunshine I bring.
A smile forever on my face
Frustration there is not a trace...Well
that's because I just woke up!
It was just a dream! CRAP what bad luck!

Have a great day everyone. I hope my ramblings brought a little smile to your day.


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