Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sleep interrupted...

I'm Up!!

I don't know why I'm up so early on a Sunday morning.  But I'm up.  Well, wait I do know why I am up...the last few weeks have been so crazy and busy that my sleep schedule is off.  Way Off!  Yes, it sometimes makes for a grouchy mommy, but I think I have done good so far.  (don't know if my kids will agree with that or not!)

The reason my sleeping is so off can be traced to a night a few weeks back when I was snoozing away in a hotel in South Carolina.  You see, my sister in law just had a new baby and it turned out that my husband happened to have to go and work that same week in the city where my SIL and my brother live!  Yep, that's right!  We took a road trip to meet the new guy!  He is so cute!  He was all teeny tiny and smelled like a new baby...anyway, back to the hotel!  Some crazy person decided to start a fire in the hotel fireplace without opening the flue.  What happens, just in case your are wondering, if you do not open the flue on a hotel room fireplace is that your room fills with smoke causing the fire alarm to begin blaring in the middle of the night.  Which in turn causes every alarm in the hotel to go off, which then causes everyone to have to go outside including the family on the third floor who has to carry two sleeping children down 3 flights of stairs.  Freezing your buns off in the parking lot holding your half asleep 8 year old is not fun!  All ended up well (just a lot of smoke) and we were able to go back to our room after about 15 minutes.  We made it home the next day with all of our things smelling of smoke and headaches from the blaring alarm.  I hope the couple in the room on the first floor learned a lesson:  if your feeling romantic on a Wednesday night at a Residence Inn and decide you need a fire...OPEN THE CHIMNEY FLUE!

Now this may surprise you, but even in the midst of loving on a new baby and fire alarms, we were able to have a great school week that week.  I love how my kids will get to their school work in a hotel so they can finish it and we can do fun stuff.  We learned about the War of the Pacific and the a little about the Atacama Desert.  We also got to talk about the different branches of the military and what role they each play in protecting out country and fighting in a war.

We got to head to Atlanta to a dance convention for #1 daughter.  She had a great time with her friends.  Mark and #1 son headed to Alabama to spend the weekend at my in laws house.  When the conference was over, the girl and I headed to Alabama ourselves.  My mother in law had to have a double mastectomy and we wanted to be there.  Her surgery went great and she is on the mend.  She is an amazing women! -sidebar: ladies if you haven't done it get your mammogram!

We were able to finally finish the butterfly life cycle movie we were making.  I can't share it yet because the camera I recorded it with on records in a format that is not supported by my movie editing software.  I have to do a little more research and figure out how to convert it or something like that.  The individual clips turned out very cute.  I am hoping to figure out how to edit it this week.

Since I am up and everyone else is still sleeping I am going to check in with some of my favorite blogs like Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers and the hip homeschool moms.  Heck, after that I might even go find a book to get lost in for a few hours. 

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