Monday, April 29, 2013

It is ok!

New routines. Sometimes, one small change throws a kink in the chain of a smooth running homeschool routine!  ;-)

The small change for us this semester has been adding classes at one of the local coops.

Good classes, only 2.5 hours every Friday. Who knew they would throw the week off so much!  Now, don't start thinking that school is not getting done, because it is.

It is just that tons of other things have gotten put on the back burner...

For instance, dusting.  Oh come on don't act like that pretty trinket or picture frame in the room where you are currently sitting isn't covered with dust!  But, on the off chance that there is no dust to be found then come on over because I need ya!

And don't forget laundry.   Yes I know laundry must be done, but why do we have to wear a new set of clothes everyday?  How 'bout we change clothes every couple of days instead?  Ok your right, because we would start to stink that's why!  So maybe that idea is only good in theory!

The real point is that life changes and you have to adjust your not only your actions, but your thinking.  It is ok to put off dusting that pretty angel figurine to make Irish Soda Bread with your kids on the day you study Northern Ireland.  

It is ok, that your son had to get clean underwear off the top of the dryer this morning or from the pile of clean clothes in your bedroom floor, not that I have a pile of clothes in my bedroom floor but I just wanted to throw that out there in case you do - either way... it's ok that instead of getting laundry put away yesterday you went on a field trip to the Historic house downtown where the state constitution was written.

It is ok!  Dusting and laundry there will always be, but little people who want to make homemade sidewalk chalk with you will soon enough be hard to find! 

April - who is going to go put away some laundry that may or may not be in the bedroom floor! ;-) 

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