Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How does your garden grow?

We planted a garden a few weeks back.

 It is a square foot garden. Not the complete Mel Bartholemual one, as I don't mix the soil any certain way. I just use Miracle grow potting soil. (shhh, don't tell the real square foot garden people, because it might be blasphemy or something!).

 I really don't have much of a backyard. It really is a sloped hill except for one small section and so the only way for me to grow anything is square foot style. I don't mind this at all because square foot gardening is AWESOME! Much easier upkeep. I totally hate pulling weeds and stuff like that so it works great for me. 

Little carrot seedlings popping up.
Since we are home schooling this year I decided that the garden needed to be a learning experience. After scouring the Internet for some journaling pages, the kids and I got down to the business of choosing our crop and planting it We headed straight for Home Depot! (uh yeah! Because that where all farmers go to begin their sowing. Right?lol) We walked around and the kids each helped pick out tomatoes, squash, carrots, (all kinds of carrots. If they turn out we will have an abundance of carrots).

I let the kids each pick out something special that they would like to try and grow. That is how I have ended up with a yellow watermelon in the garden! I'm not even sure what a yellow watermelon is, but it fascinated my boy so I got it! The girl picked zucchinni squash to plant! She is totally psyched about how many blooms there are.

 After getting everything in the ground. The kiddos made some notes and measured some stuff and so now I guess they feel like gardeners. I love listening to them talk about how they have to go and see if anything new is growing. Every few days they go and inspect progress.  And boy has there been progress:

So far so good!  

Hopefully soon we will have some yummy veggies!

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