Saturday, December 17, 2011

Art Class and Science Projects

Is it really the week before Christmas?  I can't believe it!  I am ready for the Holidays though, not because I have completed my shopping list. Far from it! (yep that means I haven't even started!) I am just ready to visit and catch up with family!

The kids worked on science projects this week.  We have been studying protists and so I gave the kids an assignment to make a protist for me.  I let them each choose how they wanted to make it.  The boy, who likes to draw, pulled out the construction paper and poster board and got to work drawing and cutting out a didinium eating its dinner.  The girl pulled out some styrofoam balls and colored clay and began building a podophrya.  I love how you can see their personalities and learning styles come out even in the smallest thing like a science project.  Both projects are looking great so far. 

We also did something new.  The kids went to an art class on Wednesday.  It is the first time it has worked out in our schedule for them to go.  So off we went to the library to meet the art lady.  The kids had fun and made some cute pictures.  they enjoyed it and want to go back next week.  We will see if we can fit it in before we head off out of town for the Holidays. (I hope we can so we can decided if it is something we want to add as a regular to the schedule starting in January.)

Speaking of is time for a Holiday break right?  I think we are all ready for a break.  I really want to have some "do nothing" days.  Of course, I don't think that we will have any of those until we get home from Holiday travels.  But that is okay, I can wait because just stepping back and doing some fun Holiday things like decorating cookies and a gingerbread house will make for a relaxing break too.


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  1. Love that the kids came up with different ways to show protists. The drawings look great. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.