Saturday, October 8, 2011

Math Math Math and Sparkling Lemonade

HOW COW!!!!!  It is so quiet at my house!

It must be Saturday morning.  Glorious Saturday morning, when everyone else in the house is still sleeping.  Well everyone with the exception of the dog and me.  It is an amazing time really.  Who would have thought that I would love a quiet morning this much!  I usually like to get up and get moving and get on with the day.  But not on Saturdays!  Not anymore.  I truly look forward to the only slow morning of my week.  It is nice to come downstairs and not have think about getting kids started on their school work for the day, or what are we having for breakfast, or do I have a plan for supper. 

This is ME time.  Glorious ME time

Ok so maybe I should say me and the dog time!  He keeps jumping up on the couch beside me as if to say: "Don't forget me!  I'm here too!  Yeah Yeah me!  It's still me, down here with ya lady!"  hahaha

We have had an awesome week!  We even had the kids make it to OUTSTANDING DAY on their school behavior chart on Wednesday.  I just have to say, That was outstanding!!!

We are focusing on Math for the next month or so to make sure we have a good foundation of things like fractions and decimals and word problems.  Dreaded, word problems!  I think it will be good for both of my kiddos who are just average math students.  A good foundation makes it so much easier to understand higher math and to think through all of the steps that some higher math requires.

You got your messy math, m&m math, mental math, math on the computer, and math facts.  Of course, it is Fall so let's not forget candy corn math.  If only those candy corn fit together so you could make a little pie with them for fractions.  The kids are both using the Math Whizz website and they are enjoying it.  I am glad they enjoy it because that makes it easier to do so much Math everyday when they think it is fun.

All in all it is working well so far.  No one has run from the table screaming about how they hate math...

Ok so maybe, in my head, I pictured myself running from the table screaming about how I hate math, but I didn't actually do it and that is what counts.  Right? 

I have come to the conclusion this week that being irritable and frustrated can become a habit.  It can become the easiest place to go to when things are busy and time is flying and things do not get done quite like the list says they should. (stinking list!) I am making a conscious choice to NOT go there.  (Ok it has only been a few day, but so far so good!)  I don't want to feel frustrated everyday about things that did not get done.  We are accomplishing so much everyday and that is what I need to be focusing on.  Didn't someone say: "Life happens while you are busy doing other things"?

Speaking of other things:  let's just talk about Sonic's Sparkling Lemonade.  Uh Yeah YUM!!!  Love that stuff!  This would be thanks to my SIL Julie who just had to stop and get a drink at Sonic when we were together one day last summer.  That was my first taste of Sparkling Lemonade and now I am hooked on the stuff.  Especially since I pass the Sonic almost everyday.  Darn you Sonic!!!    Here is the kicker, apparently Sparkling Lemonade is just Sprite with Lemon in it.  Who would da thunk it!  Something so yummy could be so easy with only two ingredients. 

Well, so yummy until you decide that if you are going to make it at home you should save a few calories.

Yeah that's right I wanted to save a few calories!  So I chose some Sprite Zero to make it with.  WRONG CHOICE!!  My rationale was that Pepsi Zero taste pretty good, surely Sprite Zero will too.  NOPE!  YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!!  DO NOT TRY IT!!!  It is awful!!!!  Go ahead and walk an extra 20 mins and go for the good stuff! 

Truthfully it tasted so bad that I am scared to try it again, even though I have real Sprite now.  hahahaha

It is getting later in the morning and I need to go and read email and some of my favorite websites( one being before other people start coming down the stairs making noise and ruining the quiet time.



  1. Yay for a great week! And for dogs to keep you company! ;)

  2. Bravo for you for not going to the frustration zone. When I feel myself slipping into that zone, I really do stop and count to 10, then I stuff that frustration away. The DDs appreciate it as does DH.
    Grab the "Me" time when you can. It helps.
    Best to you,