Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dance Party Week

We partied this week!  No really, we partied!  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Halloween party after party every afternoon!

That is how it goes when you have a daughter who loves to dance and takes 6 classes!  Yeah, do the math on that! 

That makes 6 parties, and 4 afternoons of dressing up in a costume! 

We did some serious partying!!  It was fun!! 

One more Halloween party to go this year.  It's the neighborhood Chili Cook Off!  We are hosting it in our driveway this year.  It is always tons of fun.

Piano is going great!  #1 son said that this week's lesson was the best one.  Totally Awesome is what he said.  He actually wrote his own little song this week. :-)

The piano teacher is having a Christmas Concert and the kids get to play a song.  They are excited about it.  They have been playing several different Christmas songs to find ones that they like.  I love Christmas songs so to already have them playing in the house is great. 

Our month of math is coming to an end, but it has been great.  I like the progress that has been made.  I think we are all well on our way to enjoying math more and more.  The Math Whizz online tutor website has been great.  I think we will keep up with it for a little while longer. 

The leaves here in East TN are beautiful.  We are going to ride into the mountains today to see them.  Here is a picture of the pretty tree in my yard.

Bienvenido a Mi vida loca


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