Monday, October 3, 2011

last week in a nutshell

Wow, I can not believe that it is Monday already.  Time to start all over again!  NOOOOOOO!!  Can't I just go back to bed.  Oh well, at least I have already had some coffee.  :-)

Last week, we spent a lot of time on Math.  We actually began our week with MESSY MATH MONDAY.  We practiced fractions with some candy corn,  some biscuit dough and then some shaving cream.  Yes, it was messy!  It was very fun too.  We have decided to give MathWhizz online a try to supplement our math.  It has games and an assessment, so it supposedly tailors the lessons to your child and where they need extra practice.  I like the idea of them getting to practice on things they are having trouble with. 

The kids are still enjoying their PE class, which is great. 

We practiced some cursive writing.  #1 son already knows how, but #1 daughter is just learning.  As far as writing goes we also wrote some fun sentences about old shoes and where they may have gone and what they might say if they could talk.  Cute stuff.  I love seeing the kids use their imagination!

A couple of examples of what a shoe might say to the person wearing it:
Do you watch where you walk? You got me muddy!   and   Do you bathe?

Another week in the books and new one already beginning.  Man, time sure flies right by!

Bienvenido a Mi vida loca


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