Saturday, October 22, 2011

Logic Puzzles and The Metric System


Fuzzy warm pjs...check

Fuzzy dog acting crazy...check

It must be Saturday morning!  AWESOME!!!

Still working on Math Math Math and more Math in our house.  The kids have not run away screaming yet...not about the math anyway!  Bahahaha! 

This week we worked on 2 step word problems.  Yep word problems!  Again!!  YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!  Oh no wait, I am not supposed to say that out loud!   So how about this instead:  (insert sarcasm here) word problems are awesome!  they are cool real life stuff!  word problems are fun!  blah blah blah

Anyway...after we finished the 2 step problems we moved on to Logic Puzzles.  Now those are actually a little fun.  Only a little!  What has made them fun has been listening to my girl talk through her puzzles.  She is much more of a thinker than I have given her credit for.  Plus, I learned she knows random stuff about dinosaurs.  I told her "I didn't know that you liked dinosaurs!"  She replied (very dramatically with a rolling of the eyes included) "I DO NOT LIKE DINOSAURS!  A lady came to school one day in first grade and talked all about them and that is how I know about them."  So I just told her it is cool that she remembers stuff from all the way back in 1st grade and I think, by telling her she was cool, I redeemed myself from the terrible error of thinking that she liked dinosaurs. 

The metric system was also on the agenda for this week.  It was actually quite fun.  I found a fun rap song on the page.  We have listened and danced and just acted plain silly with the song.  And that was tons of laughs!  We also labeled pieces of paper and laid them on the floor cake walk style and then worked to convert meters to kilometers, millimeters to centimeters and centimeters to meters.  Hopefully, some of it will stick.  Especially since I am walking around with "meters liters and grams, now you don't have to cram for your exam on the metric system" playing over and over and over again in my head.

I also discovered Rock 'N Learn Science videos this week.  Love them!  We watched and learned about Physical Science this week.  Very neat resource to have for review.

All in all a great week!

Bienvenido a Mi vida loca


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