Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Officially a Homeschooling Family

We registered with our umbrella school, so we are now officially homeschooling.  YAY!!!  The next step is getting curriculum ordered so that we can begin our school year.  Who would have thought that ordering curriculum would be such a big deal?  In my head, I was thinking I need an English book, a Math book, a Science book, and a History book.  Pretty simple right?  WRONG!!!!!!! 

Instead, it is: 
Do you know your child's learning style?  Sociable Sue? Perfect Paula? Wiggle Willy?
Do you know your teaching style? 
What "type" of homeschooling will you do? Traditional? Classical? Charlotte Mason? Unschooling?
Do you want curriculum that teaches from a Religious worldview?
Do you want textbooks? Unit Studies? Workbooks?
Do you want to spend a lot of time working with your child or do you want them to work independently?

It has all turned into a garbled mush inside of my head!  So I apologize if you call me and all I can is :  whashowpeenohownowbrowncowloomoocrabeabekadopingbjushmoosombrepactoonolowlooneybin (well you get the picture)

Truthfully, I have decided just to pick some things and see if they work.  If they don't that is ok because we will just find something else that will suit us better.

Bienvenido a Mi vida loca


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