Sunday, July 15, 2012

Squash tomatoes and book reports oh my...

Need any squash?  Anyone? Anyone?

The squash is growing like crazy here in East Tennessee!  I've made squash casserole and steamed squash.  I have even added it to spaghetti sauce and made a sandwich out of it in a pita bread with some hummus.  Definitely a good year for squash!

Oh and tomatoes too.  They have finally started coming in and man do I have plenty.  I knew when I planted them that I was going overboard, but man I can't believe how many tomatoes are all over my counter and in the kitchen window.

I tried my hand at canning some of the tomatoes.  It was actually quite easy, thanks to the little beginner's kit I bought for super cheap at Kroger.  I am thinking I will be doing more canning before the summer is over.  Well, I mean "we".  I didn't let the kids be involved in the first session of canning because I thought I should at least have some idea of what I'm doing before I involved the kids in hot boiling water and hot glass jars and all that.  But now that I have done a batch I think I can safely let them help next time.  

It will make my son sooooo happy to be doing anything with tomatoes.  He loves them soooo much! That, of course, being said in my best sarcastic voice because he despises tomatoes and anything that is made with tomatoes!  But, alas, I will still have him help with the preserving of the tomatoes for everyone else's food enjoyment!

As far as schooling goes for the summer, we have my son set up to meet with a math tutor. (the math tutor is a really sweet 14 year boy who met with us at the library and jumped right in with worksheets and manipulatives and a huge amount of encouragement.).

We also have been doing summer reading and book reports.  The kids have been reading a book a week and then giving us a oral report about what they read.  It has been quite fun.  We have completed two and we are working on the third right now.  The last two weeks have been totally busy and so the latest report fell to back burner.  It is all good though because, that is one of the flexible things about doing school work during the summer.

Bienvenido a Mi vida loca

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  1. You had me giggling with the tomato thing. I've gotta tomato hater too. I just don't get it...tomatoes are awesome!

    Welcome to the homeschool mommy club. :)

    ...danielle - visiting from Unsocialized link up

  2. I love canning tomatoes. I started when I was about 10, with my mom. I have done them every year since-which would add up to about 25 years worth of canning. Wow, that makes me feel old. Linked up form the HHH.=)

  3. Yummy, it looks so pretty to, all those canned veggies...

  4. Hopping over to check out your blog. Happy to welcome you to homeschooling. May your life be enriched with joy and peace. Isaiah 54:13.

  5. Hi, I saw your link up on HHM, and I just had to check out your blog because I'm a newbie myself. Good luck in your homeschool journey.