Friday, April 27, 2012

Constitution Study and miscellaneous days...

We finished our very first unit study. (a couple weeks ago, but really who's counting days? I sure can't seem to keep up with 'em.)

It really was a great study! Full of interesting information and it was fun too! (that is always a plus right?).

We did Constitution Celebration by Amanda Bennett. The kids really enjoyed being able to do "real" school work on their iPads. (the boy was really into that part). The lap book part of the study was good too. (the girl loved that part, as she is crafty and loves projects). My favorite part was the "Jeopardy" game! It was fun to play and see what the kids remembered. We will definitely be doing more unit studies.

We are rolling right on with our other subjects! We are just a few days from finishing our math curriculum for the year. Such a strange, but great, feeling to see the end of the book coming up! We have started reading Life of Fred as a supplement for math. It is cute so far, we are only a few chapters in.  I will report back about how it helps my "reading" brained kid with math.

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