Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lions, Tigers, and the Constitution...Oh my

We have made it back home after a few days out of town.  Mark had to go work in Kentucky, so we went with him. (love this kind of flexibility that comes with homeschooling) 

Even with air conditioner problems two different nights it was a great trip.  The kids had a good time swimming in the pool and going to the zoo and eating at Bob Evans.  Yep!  Eating at Bob Evans!  We ate there 3 times in 3 days.  These kids are crazy I say!  Just crazy!

The zoo in Louisville was a blast.  Except for that part where the mom forgot to give her sneezy, itchy eyed kid allergy meds in enough time for them to work before we got there!  Just FYI, if you have a kid with allergies and you are going to zoo in the Spring time give him allergy medicine much earlier than right before you get out of the car to walk in. 

Anyways, once we got the constant sneezing under control we really enjoyed seeing the animals that were WILD and OUTRAGEOUS for us.  Take a look:

                                                      This Gorilla was really showing off!

The lion in the back decided when we walked up that she would show off not her great "queen of the jungle" roar, but instead her totally awesome ability to roll over while bathing in the sun!

And then finally:

                                         The tiger must have stayed up too late the night before!  
                                          This sleeping trick is the best thing he could offer us! 

Now that you are completely overwhelmed with excitement from the awesome tricks of zoo friends...actually even though we didn't hear any great roars, or big time displays of toughness from Gorillas beating their chest, it was still a marvelous day.  Truly, seeing a tiger so close (he was only about 3 feet from us) is breath taking.  Not to mention, how cute the gorilla was holding his feet while he slept.  All in all a great day at the zoo!

For school this week we did something totally new for us.  We began working on a unit study.  Since I read about them in the Fall I have wanted to try one and see if it is something that would work for us.  I have to say that it has been great!  We still have a couple of days to do, but we have learned so much.  The kids have both said that they like it, which is great because I wasn't sure how they would like spending hours on the same subject everyday.  The study is about the Constitution and has so far been pretty thorough as far as people and places.  The last part of the study looks like we will be discussing some of the content of the Constitution, the government branches, and about the Bill of Rights.  I have really been pleased with it so far!

I'll post more on it next week when we have completed the study.  At the moment my coffee cup is empty and must be refilled! 


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  1. I love going to the zoo, but they are so far from where we live that it is a big trip for us. I think unit studies are a lot of fun for young students.

  2. the zoo in Louisville is amazing - we had passes when we lived there a couple of years ago - just great! If you are studying the Constitution - or American government or have any interest at all - you should check for her free videos and printables - she has a new link up each friday to share your studies on the founding of our Nation

    1. Thanks Kelli! I will check it out!!!

  3. You're making me want to load up the kids for a zoo trip, we haven't been in forever!