Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Week with the movie well, almost...

What a great school week here in East Tennessee!  The kids jumped right back in after the break and we were able to get almost everything done that was planned for each day. (which is awesome!)

We jumped right back in with some great History stories about the Irish Potato Famine, and then we moved on to South American.

Preposition was the word of the week in English.  Not only did we diagram some sentences we are learning a jingle that lists prepositions to make it easier to spot them in sentences. 

In Science we learned all about the Butterfly Life Cycle!  Truly ALL about the butterfly.  I went a little crazy at the library and checked out like 10 books to go a long with our science book.  The girl finally got tired of reading about it and told me "Mom, I don't need to read anymore books, I know the butterfly life cycle."  I guess we will see when they actually get to finished their project for the week.

And I say "get to finish" because we hit a weather snag with our science project for the week.  The kids are making a movie showing the butterfly life cycle.  Super fun, right?  Yeah well, except when you get a light dusting of snow on the ground!  Snow and a butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis just don't really go together.  So instead of making a butterfly movie on Friday morning this is what we did:


Oh well...we will get back to work on the movie Monday!

Bienvenido a Mi vida loca

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  1. Love the flexibility of homeschool. Glad that you were able to find something else fun to do. I hope that you post the butterfly movie. Sounds fun.

  2. The snow looks like more fun than butterflies right now anyway!