Monday, September 19, 2011

The week with the hair bow...

So last week was quite an interesting one for these newbie homeschoolers.  The kids are having a great time at PE with one exception: #1 son said something at PE that embarrassed #1 daughter.  I don't mean the "oh you shouldn't have said that" embarrassed.  I'm talking about the "crying and don't want to go because all of the kids are going to laugh at her" embarrassed.  Now, the mom tried to console the girl and make it all better.  My attempts, even though they came from the heart, just were not cutting it.  #1 daughter did not want to hear:  "no one will even remember what he said" or "life is tough" or "man up".  I highly doubt that telling her she could "punch his lights out while I turn my back" would have worked either! (sidebar - I did not say that it is just a hypothetical thought.)  So after my failure as a mother who can make it all better, I walked over to #1 son and told him "you better go fix it right now!"

And fix it he did!!

The next thing I see is my son coming out of my daughter's room with a blue bow in his hair!  No joke!  He said that he was going to wear it into the gym so that the kids would laugh at him not her.  My 10 year old son wore a blue bow in his hair into PE class on Thursday so that the kids would laugh at him and not his sister.  Now, I never thought I would ever say such a thing as this, but I am so proud of my boy in his blue bow!!!!!  This mama's heart is so proud of her little guy!!!  Maybe he will turn out ok in spite of me!  :-)

Bienvenido a Mi vida loca


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